“Excuse me sir, I am not a lesbian!” The 200 level student said to her chaplain. Embarrassment was evident on her face as she confided in him with her greatest secret.
The chaplain stared at her. His disposition was calm and his expression was unreadable. “Okay… tell me about it.”
The student stared at him, uncertainty evident in her eyes. She spoke anyways. “I was introduced to the act of lesbianism by a relative when I was a very young girl. I was probably still in primary school. I wasn’t interested in girls, but I liked the pleasure I got from engaging in sexual acts with girls. The reason is that it was pleasurable and I didn’t have to lose my virginity. I engaged in these acts with different girls all through my primary and junior secondary school. When I got to senior secondary school I decided to stop it. It wasn’t so difficult, since I wasn’t attracted to girls, but rather to guys. I gave my life to Christ after secondary school and I have totally overcome the spirit of lesbianism.” The student explained and was silent for a while.
“If you have overcome it, why have you come to me?” The chaplain asked still very calm.
“The thing is that something keeps telling me that I am a lesbian, especially when you are preaching and condemning the act. It speaks like this, ‘once a lesbian, forever a lesbian.’ But sir, I really don’t want to do it ever again. I honestly have never been attracted to any girl. In fact I feel I am currently in love with a guy here in school. So why does this spirit keep condemning me. I feel it’s the Spirit of God condemning, for my past mistakes and…”
“No! Never!” The chaplain said firmly, still maintaining his composure. “The voice of condemnation is never the voice of God. Question every voice that you hear. 1 Corinthians 14:10 tells us that in this world there are many voices and none is without significance. You have indeed done well be overcoming the act, the next step you need to take is to shut down that voice that condemns you. You are not your past mistakes. When you got born again, those things were washed away by the Blood of Jesus Even the old you that made that mistake has been thrown away, you are now a new creature. All old things are passed away.” He said expressively
“But why do I still hear a voice telling me that I’m still a lesbian?” the student asked curiously.
“That’s because the devil uses tricks to deceive believers. He is a liar and he will tell you lies to deceive you out of your purpose. In this case you don’t need me to pray for you. All you need to do is to speak back to those voices. The bible says to resist the devil and he would flee. You need to resist him steadfastly by declaring words. When he whispers what you are not, shout to him what you are. So firstly have the confidence that you are a new person and that past is not who you are and next time you hear the devil whisper who you are not, yell a loud ‘NO’ and watch him scamper.” The chaplain advised.
The 200 level student left the chaplain’s office confident and victorious.
Now this is a true life story though it was a bit distorted to cover the people involved. A lot of young girls are going through this. The devil is telling them lies, that the easiest way to maintain their virginity and still enjoy pleasure is to engage in the acts of lesbianism, and even when they overcome the demonic spirit, the devil uses it to taunt them and this creates hurdles in their Christian walk, as they let their past mistakes hold them down.
Just as the chaplain said, it’s all washed in the blood. Even if you slip and go back to it, run back to God’s open arms and he will wash you clean. Make up your mind to resist the devil and he would flee. Speak in a loud voice to the voices that condemn you. Recognize that they are demonic voices and not the voice of God.
Christians should also not be quick to condemn people that are struggling with all kind of voices causing them to sin, they should be willing to listen to these people and point them in the right direction.
I celebrate you!

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